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General Discussion / The worst director in Bollywood is Prabhu Deva
« on: December 09, 2014, 02:59:27 AM »
I have come to this decision after watching Action Jackson today.  Pathetic Movie.  Action Jackson is one of the worst movies of the last 2 decades.  I really can't understand how bollywood audiences have accepted prabu dheva as a director (that too a great director).  He is fit only for dancing.  Rajkumar was pathetic and so Action Jackson.  Previous hit movies like Wanted and Rowdy Rathore were remakes and hence it was a hit.  Those movies too were bad at parts.  In tamil, directors are taking cinema to a next level.  But in hindi, directors are bringing down the cinema to a lower level by directing such brainless movies.  Action jackson is one example for that. 

Prabhu Deva is the worst, worst, worst director ever in the recent times.  I want this message to be reached to prabhu deva and should never direct movies in future. 

Ajith's forthcoming film Yennai Arindhaal trailer is released online recently and it has crossed more than 3 million views and 50,000 likes within 3 days.  This is the current topic discussed everywhere online.   All social media is flooded only with this.  But the reality is, the views and likes are not genuine.  It is a known fact that many ajith fans are technocrats.  They have used the youtube view increasing software to increase the views of Yennari Arindhaal teaser. 

The link for youtube views increasing software:

I know that ajith fans will never accept this.  But this is the hidden truth.  I am not against ajith.  I like ajith as well as gautham menon.  But being dis-honest like this cannot be encouraged.   

I am very sure ajith doesn't have global fans more than Hrithik Roshan, Sharukh Khan and Salman Khan.  When they cannot get so much of views and likes in a short span, how is it possible for ajith?  Think logically.   Ajith's name is not even known to many people in north.  But Hrithik, SRK and Salman are know to all people in India.   

I know ajith fans will start to abuse me.  But its ok.  I just wanted to say the fact.  As all are eagerly awaiting for Yennai Arindhaal, i am also waiting.  I am a die hard fan of gautham menon. 

General Discussion / tiger rejects two hero project
« on: August 10, 2014, 08:23:23 PM »
Newbie heart throb of jawan dil. Tigershroff. Recentlly said no to sharing screen with ajaydevgun. Despite, biggies like sajid nadiadwala, tried convincing chiselled actor from not loosing the huge plot opposite seasened performer.   
 However, with just one superhit up his sleeve. Tiger, thinks doing a two hero subject. At his soaring point of career
Might not fetch him more mileage than ajay's roaring popurality.

We hope that sajid finds better choice. Well, who would that be? Lets wait guys!

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