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General Discussion / Is Jigarthanda really a great success?
« on: August 08, 2014, 03:48:21 PM »
Now the hot topic in kollywood is the success of jigarthanda by Karthick Subbaraj.  Ace directors like Manirathnam and Shankar has applauded Karthick Subbaraj.  But, is the movie really worth as all the hype and hoopla? 

I agree the movie is good.  But i wouldn't say it is the best of best.  I feel, it could have been made even more better.  Compared to all the recent films, this surely stands out.  But i personally feel there is a lag in the second half.  When the director is capable of coming out with such a different film, why he has to compromise the quality by adding commercial element (songs)?

Over all i feel the movie is worth watching.  Simha steals the show and Santosh Narayan's music is another plus. Others have done justice. 

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