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Movie Contests / Anegan Movie Contest
« on: February 11, 2015, 09:14:42 PM »
Answer the questions below and win 2 Free Tickets for Anegan.  Each winner will get free two tickets.   5 lucky winners will be selected among who answers the questions correctly.

1) How many songs did dhanush sing in this film?
2) Who is the cinematographer of this film?
3) What is the heroine's name?
4) Which year dhanush was born?
5) What is dhanush's previous film?

The contest is valid until 13 February, 2015 only.  Only registered members of this forum can participate in this contest.  To answer the questions above, click reply and post your answers. (You have to login to reply)

General Discussion / Kaththi Unbiased Review | Kaththi Tamil Movie Review
« on: October 26, 2014, 10:25:37 PM »
Cast: Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Sathish, Neil Nithin Mukesh, Tota Roy Chowdhury, etc.,

Director: AR Murugadoss

Music: Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematography: George C Williams

Production: Lyca Productions

Plot: Vijay escapes from a jail and take up the role of his look-a-like(a social activist) and fights against an MNC

When I heard that  AR Murugadoss and Vijay are joining hands once again, I guessed something good was on the plate and that is exactly we see in Kaththi.


Story:  Vijay plays a dual role Jeevanandham and Kathiresan.  Kathiresan is a small time thief who escapes from a jail in Kolkatta and takes up the role of a social activist (Jeevanandham) and sends Jeevanandham to jail.  Now what Jeevanandham does to combat against a corporate (to help farmers and make the city people realize the worth and need of farmers) is rest of the story.

Positive Points:

1) Vijay -  He has finally done a role that is tailor made for him. He surely deserves an applause for his acting and modulation in dialogue delivery.  The film showcases the acting potential of Vijay very well.  Though there are not much of physical difference shown on both the characters Jeevanandham and Kathiresan, Vijay has shown lot of difference in style and dialogue delivery.

2) Dialogues are very powerful

3) Focus on Social issue

4) Anirudh's Background Score

5) New modulation of the dialogue "I am Waiting" before the interval block

6) Coin fight where the hero attacks 50 men is first of its kind in tamil cinema

7) Almost all the stunts are choreographed well

8 ) Cinematography by George suits the movie perfectly

9) Very brave dialogues about 2g scam and Vijay Mallya's debts

10) Tunnel Scene and Blue Print Visuals

Negative Points:

1) Samantha doesn't have any scope.  The first scene where she asks pen from Vijay is very artificial.  She has to improve her acting skills a lot.

2) Though the songs are good to listen, the placement of songs are very bad and so the visuals for some songs.  This normally happens in all Murugadoss movies.  The first song for vijay is Pakkam Vanthu, which i expected a lot and disappointed.  This song is first of its kind in tamil cinema and it is a tailor made song for vijay.  The choreography and visuals could have been better for this song.  Vijay's dancing capability is not fully utilized on this song.   I would say thumbs down for this song for visuals.  Moreover just to shoot this song in airport, the director have created a screenplay where vijay goes to airport to fly bangkok.  This looks very artificial.  Instead the director should have avoided this song and the total airport episode.  The next song is "Aathi" - a good duet at right time.  The visuals are average and nothing much to rave about.  Just after the interval the most awaited song "Selfie Pulle" pops up on screen.  The visuals are good.  But, the choreography could have been better for vijay. 

3) The first 45 minutes of the film is really boring and many scenes were unwanted.

4) There are many logical loopholes

5) The screenplay could have been more crisp

6) Neil Nithin Mukesh is merely wasted.  He is shown as an Amul Baby villain as shown in VIP.

Overall, Kaththi addresses a social issue in a unique yet typical Kollywood style! I would say this movie is a modern MGR kinda film with strong message conveying the importance of village and farmers.  It is worth mentioning that this is one of the best movies in Vijay's career.

Verdict: Rusted Knife (When we look at a rusted knife, we may think it is of no use.  But when it stabs a person, he will know the impact of it.  Like wise though the first few minutes are boring, rest of the film makes a strong impact.)

Rating: 3.25/5

Review Inputs given by Vikram, Vasanth and AK

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Updates and Announcement / Disclaimer and Privacy Policy
« on: August 20, 2014, 01:50:28 AM »

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Cast: Santhosh Prathap, Akhila Kishore, Dinesh Natarajan, Lallu Prasath, Sahithya Jagannathan, Vijay Ram, Mahalakshmi, Thambi Ramaiah and a whole lot of cameos by other stars...

Director: Radhakrishnan Parthiban

Music Director: Thaman

Plot: An aspiring director along with his friends decides to make up a storyline for their film.

The film starts off with some cameos played by popular stars and a couple of pretty gruesome images. Just when you start to think what is happening, the real film starts. Tamizh, along with his friends Aravind, Murthy, Shirley, Murali and Cheenu (his mentor) is discussing various openings for a film. There you get the feeling this film has some stuff.

Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam (KTVI) is not your ordinary 'hero aspiring to become a director' story. It is completely something different. The hero has other problems to take care, other than the story he is penning. He's got his wife Daksha, whom he often terms 'eccentric'. His mentor Cheenu who does basically nothing that is helpful to him, but keeps the former with him as a source of movie history. Then......... Well! Parthiban said this a film without story. So there is nothing much to say as a story here as all are just episodes in the hero's life. And I don't want to spoil things for you.

KTVI is such a spoiler heavy movie. It's also a unique attempt. To be precise about how the screenplay has been handled - the story or an event unfolds to the viewers only after it had happened. KTVI can also be boldly called as a thriller movie, a horror, a comedy, a drama, oh you can call it everything! It's a mixture of all these elements. Parthiban proves once again why he is called as a director with a unique approach. KTVI has truckload of things to be accoladed with. So, here goes...

It is like a story in which you can find a plenty of other stories. It is like an inception of stories and you just can't decide which one you to love. The editing is out standing. The film employs some of the most popular and innovative elements in movies. One of which is the fourth wall breaks. You will absolutely love these 4th wall breaks moments for sure. The background music is perfect and the dialogues are stunningly fresh. Oh, there are cameos of your favourite stars in between and at the end. Basically, KTVI is a movie that was made with an aim of becoming an instant cult classic and sure it will. The intermission scene is undoubtedly the best interval scenes in recent times. The
climax is definitely something that is the first of it's kind in Tamil cinema.

There are demerits as well. The film, unlike its tagline says, has a story. The actors are all newcomers except Thambi Ramaiah and all have done below par efforts in means of acting. The song sequences could have been cut and romance could have been sliced smaller to get a more crispier movie. All the cameos don't get enough screen time except Cheran, Arya, Amala Paul, Vishal, Tapsee and Prakash Raj.

KTVI in any way is not an average movie and in any way is not a perfect movie either.  It stands between the average and perfect. But it is a unique, intelligent and beautiful movie which is definitely 'A tribute to 100 years of Indian Cinema'.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

Review by Vikram and Vasanth

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